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Work of the EU IHIS Project is organized through two units:
  • Health Information Unit
  • IT Development and Implementation Unit

Health Information Unit and Health Information Think Thank

Main task of the Health Information Unit (HIU) is to continuously improve tools for the development of health policies and model for the effective use of health data and information as well as tools for supporting clinical practice (eg, clinical pathways). In parallel with these activities, HIU will support the development and implementation of EHR and two hospital information systems in 19 selected hospitals in order to promote the evidence based environment, strengthen decision making processes related to the relevant health policies and further develop the integrated health information system.

Health Information Think Thank was established within the HIU in order to identify, review and propose sources of information, information products and health information flows.

IT Development and Implementation Unit

Main task of the IT Development and Implementation Unit (ITDIU) is the implementation of one of the two hospital information systems (HIS1/HIS2) in 19 hospitals, as well as its tailoring and integration with the EHR system.

Upgrade of the previously developed EHR solutions will be done based on the inputs from EU-IHIS Health Information Think Thank. The new EHR system should address consecutive developments, standardization efforts and new requirements, including following aspects:

  • amalgamation within the IHIS
  • use of standardized approaches for classification of diseases, medical data and performed health care services
  • international reporting to WHO and ECDC
  • cross-border interoperability
  • clinical pathways
  • temporal nature of health data